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Multiplication and Division Worksheets and Resources

Free multiplication and division worksheets, interactive activities, games and other resources for 5 to 11 year olds.

Early Multiplication and Division Skills Doubles (to double 6) Doubles to Double 12 / Halves to Half of 24 Doubles to Double 20 / Halves to Half of 40 Doubles to Double 50 / Halves to Half of 100
1x Table / Division by 1 10x Table / Division by 10 2x Table / Division by 2 5x Table / Division by 5 Year 2 Times Tables and Division Facts
3x Table / Division by 3 4x Table / Division by 4 Year 3 Times Tables & Division Facts 6x Table / Division by 6 7x Table / Division by 7
8x Table / Division by 8 9x Table / Division by 9 1x to 10x Mixed Tables and Division Facts 11x Table / Divisiion by 11 12x Table / Division by 12
Times Table and Division Fact Practice Multiplication / Division Fact Families Multiples, Factors and Prime Numbers Place Value Multiplication & Division 2-digit Multiplied By 1-digit
Written Multiplication & Division Strategies Other Multiplication & Division Resources