About Us

Snappy Maths has been created by a small number of primary teachers to provide free mathematics worksheets, games and other resources for parents and teachers of children across the primary age range (Nursery to Year 6).

Although all links from this site are tested for their quality and relevance, responsibility for the content on these sites lies entirely with the sites’ creators. A link to a site does not necessarily imply a recommendation or endorsement of any views or materials found there. Please let us know via our contact form if any of the links are broken or contain views or materials that may be deemed unsuitable.

All efforts have been made to ensure that images, sounds, texts and programming used within our site have been done so with the appropriate permission. If you believe you own the copyright to any included material and you feel that it has not been used appropriately, please let us know via our contact form so we can investigate and act accordingly.

Some of the artwork used in our worksheets has been produced by S. Fitton. We also use clipart and photos licensed to us by www.clipart.com and www.fotolia.com. Other artwork has been downloaded from www.pixabay.com and www.clker.com where it is listed as being Public Domain and free for any purpose. Some of our online activities have been created using software purchased at www.contentgenerator.net. We have also created activities using the resources at www.activiscope.com. We have been kindly given permission to adapt and use some of the materials found at www.firstschoolyears.com. Some of our background textures have been downloaded from www.myfreetextures.com.

Please note – we are a UK-based organisation. Some words are spelled or pronounced differently in American English. Where possible, we have tried to use word lists which are appropriate whichever variation of English you use.

Please Note:

Use of this site is entirely at your own risk.

Snappy Maths shall not be liable for any losses or damage to data, revenue, business, opportunity, reputation or any other direct or indirect consequences arising from the use of snappymaths.com or snappymaths.co.uk.

Care is taken to check all resources before they are uploaded to the site. However, Snappy Maths cannot accept any responsibility for any loss, disruption or damage to your data or computer system which may occur whilst using the site or any material downloaded from it. We use a third party web host and we cannot guarantee that the server is entirely free from bugs and viruses. We recommend you have your own procedures in place to virus check materials to suit your own requirements.


How may I use the resources on your site?

Most of our resources are available for use free-of-charge provided you follow these guidelines:

You may:

  1. Download, copy and distribute these resources in their entirety for use within an educational organisation, e.g. a school or Special Needs Unit.
  2. Download, copy and distribute these resources in their entirety for use with your own child/children at home.

You must not:

  1. Upload our resources onto a server or distribute them through any other website.
  2. Distribute these resources in any form for financial gain.
  3. Dissect our resources, e.g. remove clip art, text or sounds, for any use without prior permission.
  4. Link directly to a Word or PDF resource. Please link to the page on which that resource is contained

All resources contained on this site remain the Copyright of Snappy Maths unless otherwise stated.

Why don’t your online activities work on my device?

There may be a number of reasons why an online activity does not work on a particular system. If you find you are having difficulties with a particular game, let us know via our contact form and we’ll do our best to help.